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 Onsite Animal Pet Massage Therapy: All Ages-Sizes Massage & Spa Therapies For Your Pets Dogs Cats Horses-Equine Equestrian Therapy

Cert. Animal Rehab Hands On Healing Touch Massage for Pets Animals - w/Tuning Vibration Sound 15m $25  30m $50

Equine Sports Massage 30m $50  60m $85 

60m Session will be performed in their home - stable and or pasture where the Equestrian horse is most comfortable 

Oatmeal aroma oil pet body wraps - Great for dry skin $50

Instruction-Doggie Yoga Stretches/Exercise 30m $50 

Doggie Day Out Package: Diet Pet Nutrition Consultation & Fitness Weight Program Healthy Natural Foods Snacks Exercise Walks Hikes To - From (trails, parks & gardens) Organic Flee Bath & Pet Massage 6hr $200