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NO TRAVEL FEES FLAT LOW RATES Serving Over 100 Mile Radius of Asheville - All Western North Carolina Relax Retreat Rejuvenate Your Health Body-Mind & Spirit Sppaahh Vacations On The Go..

Low Rates No Travel Fees - All Mobile Onsite Includes: Massage-Facial Table Aromatherapy Spa Music Robes Warm Linens Wraps For Neck Back & Feet

All Ages Adults Teens Kids & Pets 

Individuals  Couples  Groups 2-25+..

   Personalized Therapeutic Massage Techniques Clinical Integrative Body work 

Swedish/Soft Tissue DMT Deep Muscle Therapy Sports Fitness Massage Reflexology Neuro-Muscular T.M.J. Release Myo-Facial Myo-Skeletal Thai Yoga Shiatsu Cervical Cranial Sacral Lymphatic Drainage  Acupressure Trigger Point Bio-Somatic Therapy Stretches Couples Massage...

Spring-Summer Time Mothers-Fathers Day Special Rates! 

Massages & Facials & Reflexology

30m $50  40m $65

70m $95 

90m $125

120m $175

Main Focus Areas:

NSBK Neck Shoulders Back (or) Low Back Massage 40m $65

Foot Reflexology W/foot scrub-warm wrap 40m $65 


Cranial-Sacral NSBK Aroma Massage: 

Relieves Stress Relief Eyestrain headaches insomnia-travels revitalizing treatment lavender rosemary peppermint eucalyptus coconut essential oils are gently massaged to cranial scalp neck shoulders Warm heated towels, cooling lavender mint eye mask relax say goodbye to travel jet lag & tension headaches congestion. 40m $65

(Couples Massage) Tranquility At The End Of The Trail Pkg: 

"2-Therapists" or "Back to Back"

Couples massage takes place Indoors Suite by fireplace or outdoor mountain view deck large enough room for two massage tables. 

2-Aromatherapy DMT Massages
w/feet reflexology treatments 
(2) 75m $220  90m $250
1/2 dz. Choc Strawberries

HS/Hot Stone Salt Rock Massage

Aroma heated basalt lava stones to key points on the body giving a deep tissue massage Penetrating heat from the stones relaxes the muscles which allows comfort & warmth for deeper relaxation  HS: 90m  $130 

Couples Hot Stone Massage:
(2) 90m $260

See Our..Couples Spa Packages

Couples Romantic Dinners

Reiki/Polarity/Energy Work w/Healing Vibration Sound Bowls Tuning Forks:

Japanese Reiki -healing energy system.  Healing system, it is a form of healing that can be used both on yourself-others. Some conceptualize this as energy coming from God. One of the seven healing ray. "Reiki"(pronounced Ray-kee) Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy Source. Rei means Universal or all-knowing all-encompassingKi means life-force energy-When life energy moves through us without obstruction, we are in perfect harmony. Pain indicates presence of stagnation, a blockage of free movement of life energy. Practitioner works with the knowledge of how energy moves through the body, touching physical spirit body, supporting harmony awareness through body realignment enlightenment  70m $100 

Relaxation Massage-Facial Package: 70m $95

40m NSBK Aroma Massage & 30m Facial

Holistic Aromatherapy or Raindrop Therapy:

Warming Aroma Oils Massage relaxing or energizing natural organic herbs plants. Blends to help balance relax flush toxins out of body w/cranial sacral 70m $100 

Raindrop Therapy Massage with Hair Wrap: 

Warm Relaxing Aromatherapy Oils with 70m Cranial Sacral Rain Drop Therapy Massage & 30m Hair Wrap Pkg: 100m $150

Medical Massage Seniors-Geriatric Elders 

Ages 65-95.. Soft tissue medical aroma massage with warm hand & foot hydrating treatment 60m $75-$85 


 Cert. Doula Pregnancy Postpartum Prenatal Massage Therapy 70m $95  90m $125

Cert. Pediatric Infant - Baby Massage & Training Instruction
20-30mins  $35-$50

Baby Hands-Feet Reflexology Massage strengthens arms legs feet for lifting & walking and parent training we will go through monthly programs needed 30-60m $50-$95


Mommy to Be Pamper Package:

60m Doula Massage
30m Stress Relief Facial
30m Reflexology Pedi-ssages
Polish - Color of your choice  
Choc. Strawberries 120m $175 

Kid/Teens/Tweens: Traveling Mobile Onsite
Aromatherapy NSBK Mini Massages & Facials

10m $15
15m $25
20m $35
30m $50
40m $65

Pre Teen-Tweens Boys & Girls: 60-70min $65-75-$85

Teens Deep Tissue Sports Massage or Salt Rock Hot Stone Massage: 70m $95

Mommie N' Me Package:  Mom or Dad Grand Parent & Child: 2 - 40-60min  Massage or Facial's  = $130-$170 

Short & Sweet Mini Massage: 10min $15

Paraffin Hand Mani-ssage: 5min $10

Mini Hand Mani-ssages: 15min $25

Mini Feet Pedi-ssages: 15min $25

Hand & Feet Reflexology Pedi-Mani-ssages: Soak Scrub Aroma Oils Lotion Warm Linens - Gift Keep Sake Polish.

 Families - Kids Spa Day

See Spa Party Page!!

Thai Yoga Massage - Bare Foot Shiatsu - PNF Neuromuscular Therapy

90m $135 / 120m $175

Sabai-Thai Yoga Massage:

is an interactive manipulation of the body using passive Bare Foot deep tissue yoga stretching like gentle pressure energy lines Sabai is a Thai word meaning "relaxed" or "comfortableincrease flexibility & relieve muscular/joint tension stimulate internal organs balances the body system Helps with digestion issues Sessions typically last "2 hrs"  
Performed on a floor mat futon or Thai massage table Client dressed in comfortable loose clothing. Six key points of Thai: Bare foot, Yoga, Deep Exercise, Meditation, Reflexology, Acupressure, Healing Art  Relaxing as well as energizing. Receiving a Thai massage is a bit like doing yoga without putting forth any effort while also getting acupressure treatment  Many positions in the complete repertoire of Thai massage involving relaxing slow breath-yogic stretching, rocking, range of motion work, pressure applied to energy lines-points--compression  decompression of joints Guide stretching, movements working into pressure points along body 

(Or) Bare Foot Shiatsu Massage 90m $135 

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Technique: PNF "90m" $135

Myoskelatal Structural Intregrative Body Work Therapy stretching is a combination of passive stretching and isometric contractions. Therapist asks the client to contract the tight muscle isometrically against the therapist's resistance for roughly 20 seconds. This technique utilizes the golgi tendon organ, which relaxes a muscle after a sustained contraction.The client relaxes the therapist lengthens muscle applies a stretch at the new end rangeThis process of contract, resist, stretch continues for 3-4 repetitions. PNF legs, arms, trunk positions encourage flexibility coordination. Often employed to make quick gains in "range of motion ROM" A Good ROM supports better bio-mechanics, reduces fatigue helps prevent injuries.

Pet Animal Massage Equine Therapy & Holistic Spa Treatments

 Onsite Animal Pet Massage Therapy: All Ages-Sizes

Massage & Spa therapies for your Pets 

(Dogs, Cats, Horses-Equine-Equestrian Therapy)   

Cert. Animal Rehab Healing Touch Pet or Equine Massage 15-30m $20-$40

Oatmeal aroma oil pet body wraps - Great for dry skin $40

Instruction-Doggie Yoga stretches/exercise 30m $40 

Diet Pet Nutrition Consultation & Fitness Weight Program Healthy Natural Foods Snacks, Exercise Walks Hikes To From (trails, parks & gardens) 4hr $100

No Travel Fees Individuals - Couples - Groups 2-25+ on up..

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